Well Known Figures Who Are Boarding School Alumni of Lakefield College School

His Royal Highness The Duke of York speaking to LCS students in 2012
His Royal Highness The Duke of York speaking to LCS students in 2012

What do Hollywood actors; famous athletes and musicians; leading politicians, business leaders and His Majesty the King of Spain have in common? They are all alumni of an independent boarding school education at Lakefield College School (LCS). Roughly 6 percent of Canadian students attend independent schools in Canada, along with international peers from all over the world. It is well known that an independent boarding school education prepares students exceptionally well for success in university and life, and not surprising that a number of very successful cultural, political and economic leaders have attended boarding and private schools.

Progressive and caring boarding school communities like LCS instill the skills and values that empower a student’s individuality and confidence to achieve the most ambitious goals. An intended benefit of these supportive environments is an education in leadership, which develops a student’s strong sense of self-concept. This belief in their own abilities and emerging role in society has been shown to significantly determine their ability and motivation to learn.

“We carried with us a set of expectations, which I think is a good way to educate people,” reflects celebrated Canadian author Robertson Davies about his boarding school education. “Our instruction was to rise as high as we could.”

It is no surprise that being surrounded by like-minded peers in an environment that reinforces such positive potential is conducive to accomplishing great things. Lakefield College School graduates have received offers of admission to exceptional postsecondary institutions from around the world, and have gone on to successfully pursue their passion and become leaders in a wide range of industries including the arts, sciences, politics and business.

Learn how some of our more well known alumni are connected to Lakefield College School.

Royal Connections to our Boarding School in the Kawarthas

His Majesty King Felipe VI, Class of 1985 (bottom right), pictured with former LCS classmates during his 25-year reunion visit to LCS.
His Majesty King Felipe VI, Class of 1985 (bottom right), pictured with former LCS classmates during his 25-year reunion visit to LCS.

While we are very proud of LCS graduates who have gone on to pursue all types of successful careers in our 137-year history, we are equally proud to have been the alma mater for international royalty. His Royal Highness The Duke of York attended the school for a memorable term in 1977 and is presently the Honorary Chairperson of the Lakefield College School Foundation. During his visit to LCS in 2012, he spoke to students and staff about his passion for the school and his commitment to its future, challenging students to pursue leadership roles in their school and communities.

HRH The Duke of York, was a very active student during his time at Lakefield. He gained a special appreciation for Canadian culture during a canoe expedition to the Coppermine River in the Northwest Territories with a student group from LCS. He has since joined old Lakefield friends for five more canoeing trips in the N.W.T. and is planning a reunion trip with the expedition’s other members next year.

The Duke of York isn’t the only royalty to have studied at Lakefield – among our prominent alumni is the current King of Spain, His Majesty King Felipe VI who attended LCS in 1985 and maintains ties with the school and his former classmates to this day. In 2010, he returned to Lakefield for his 25th school reunion and three years later met with LCS’s Head of School and CEO of the LCS Foundation to learn about recent developments.

Political and Business Leaders Also Call our Boarding School their Alma Mater

LCS is proud of its graduates who have gone on to successful careers in all aspects of business, politics and academia. The defining characteristics of LCS are its natural setting, supportive community, and passionate optimism in the value and potential of each individual. The school provides students with a safe, secure, and sophisticated learning environment and the opportunity to live and thrive in an atmosphere of trust.

Among Lakefield College School alumni are men and women of considerable business success such as Paul Desmarais, Jr., chairman and co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada, and Emilio Azcárraga Jean, CEO of Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world.

As a small tight-knit boarding school community, we are committed to the values of empathetic and thoughtful citizenship and environmental stewardship; principles shared by a number of our alumni who are also notable Canadian politicians, including former Toronto mayor David Miller, former Green Party leader Jim Harris and current Liberal Party of Canada President Anna Gainey.

Lakefield College School’s beautiful natural campus setting, leadership and outdoor programs, and many community service and educational opportunities throughout the world represent just a few experiences that continue to inspire our students and encourage them to become progressive and caring leaders.

LCS Alumni Who Have Become Show Business Celebrities

The arts also play a central role in a Lakefield College School education and many of our creative students have gone on to rewarding careers in music, visual arts, dance and theatre. Some have become quite famous! Among those who have made it to Hollywood are Emmy-award-nominated actor Will Arnett (Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, etc.) and Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Watchmen, etc.). Canadian heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach and reggae artist Collie Buddz also both studied at our private high school in Ontario.

The list goes on. Olympians, award-winning journalists, Supreme Court Justice – LCS graduates over the years continue to reach success in their chosen fields. The individualized learning support and abundance of opportunities mean LCS students are provided ample opportunity to grow as individuals and discover their passion. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish when they graduate!

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