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An Insider’s Guide to Tuition Assistance

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“An Insider’s Guide to Tuition Assistance”!

We invite you to consult our free Insider’s Guide to Tuition Assistance to learn more about affording an independent school education.

The free guide includes:

  • Who should apply for financial assistance
  • How to apply for tuition assistance
  • How the assistance amount is determined
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Lakefield College School wants deserving students, regardless of economic background, to reach their full potential by receiving the best education available. We also understand that exploring different options can be overwhelming for some families. Not only are you searching for the best fit for your loved one, but you must also consider the financial investment involved.

Most independent schools in Canada, including Lakefield College School, offer financial assistance programs to help families manage tuition costs. If you’re interested in these services, it’s important that you feel supported in the application process, and have all the information you need to make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve created this guide, which answers some of the most pressing questions that families have regarding financial assistance services.