Your child won’t just appreciate their Lakefield experience – they’ll forever look back on it with fondness and joy. At Lakefield College School, an outstanding academic reputation is just the starting point. It’s in our nature to nurture a strong sense of community and a lifelong love of the outdoors that prepares students not only for university but for happy, fulfilling lives as well.


The Benefits of Boarding

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re happy. The Lakefield College School boarding experience is truly like no other. From the moment you set foot on our 365-acre lakeside campus, you’ll get it!

For a majority of LCS students, the school is their home-away-from-home. Our program runs seven days a week, balancing academics, co-curricular arts and athletics, with outdoor recreation and social events. Structure is provided through the academic day, regular evening study hours, Saturday morning classes, and established boarding house routines; but students have ample opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in a relaxed and fun-filled environment.

“Attending a boarding school has helped me step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to become a more confident, independent individual. Living at a boarding school has helped me appreciate the importance of a healthy balance between school, extracurricular activities, and a social life.”

Boarding life at LCS is built on trust. We encourage a strong sense of values in all our citizens, both students and staff, including sensitivity to others’ feelings, personal integrity and dignity. These values are supported through daily chapel, classroom conduct, and community relationships.

Living and learning at LCS will fill you with a lifetime of happy memories. Spend a day with us to find out more.