The Lakefield Educator’s Apprenticeship Program

Nourishing our teachers within an exemplary learning community

“Every year’s a LEAP year at Lakefield College School!”  It’s the expression a beaming Joe Bettencourt, Assistant Head: Academics, used last Wednesday at our program meeting as he shared the many successes of our newest initiative: the Lakefield Educator’s Apprenticeship Program (LEAP).

Coming out of a very successful pilot launch in 2013/14, LEAP is well into its second year with equally strong results. In addition to strengthening and advancing the 21st century learning experience for our boarding and day students, the purpose of LEAP is to support new teachers as they begin their professional career as educators. Through a competitive process attracting some of the best teacher graduates from across Ontario, four outstanding candidates are selected each year to participate in our program.

“One of the many traditions enjoyed by LCS graduates – leaping into Lake Katchewanooka immediately following their last high school exam. It’s a unique rite of passage, celebrating both the ending and beginning of an era, that provided a great metaphor and inspiration (in more ways then one) for the Lakefield Educator’s Apprenticeship Program (LEAP).”  ~Joe Bettencourt

Teaching Fellows contribute fresh talent, resources and support to our greater LCS faculty team who, in turn, provide mentorship and coaching as the new teachers explore their career paths. Inherent in this collaborative partnership are many professional learning moments that occur on both sides.

“Participating in the Lakefield Educator’s Apprenticeship Program offers a great opportunity for staff learning and professional development. It encourages a partnership – between Teaching Fellows and Mentors – that models the same type of learning we seek to encourage in our students: taking risks, being creative, learning how to collaborate and reflecting on our practice.”   ~ Joe Bettencourt

A professional leadership learning opportunity

The program offers a new learning opportunity for Lakefield College School faculty who seek to develop their professional leadership and coaching capacity. Teaching and learning alongside Teaching Fellows, our Teaching Mentors grow their professional practice while supporting the learning of our students through a team teaching approach. Joe describes these as “experiential professional leadership learning opportunities” that involve co-planning, co-facilitating and co-assessing learning. Every hour LCS Teaching Mentors invest in this program brings simultaneous dividends to our Teaching Fellows, our students, and the mentors themselves.

A unique program for teachers in Ontario

“LEAP is one more way LCS nourishes its people and distinguishes itself as an exemplary learning community,” says Joe, “there are no educational apprenticeships like it in Ontario.” Fully engaged in classes and co-curriculars, Teaching Fellows co-teach alongside their Teacher Mentors in a yearlong commitment. They gain a full year of continuous day-to-day professional experience with their students, while providing valuable support to the school. In many of the classes where they are involved, average student to teacher ratios are less than 10:1. Our students have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the benefits of the “two-teacher” model, which, during a 70-minute class, means more one-on-one time between students and teachers and dynamic class lessons shared between two individuals. They are important benefits of the program.

When asked about LEAP outcomes thus far, Joe is quick to say:

“I’m so pleased with how well the collaborative relationships are taking root. Our Teaching Fellows are forming a great professional teaching community amongst themselves and with the LCS faculty mentors they are partnered with. In fact, some of our Teaching Fellows last year had a hard time saying goodbye. They became an integral part of our community of students and teachers. Even after they had finished the program, some returned to campus to attend events like Fall Fair, to catch up on news and keep in touch. And our students and teachers feel the same way about them.”

We are proud to say that within the broader educational community, Lakefield College School is strengthening its reputation for providing a coveted pool of qualified and experienced young professionals for hire – many being hired by private boarding and day schools (including LCS). First, through our long-standing two year Assistant Head of House (residential life) program, and now through our very successful Lakefield Educator’s Apprenticeship Program.