Exchanges & Expeditions: 3 Global Learning Opportunities for Day and Boarding School Students

Day and Boarding School Students Can Participate in Exciting Expeditions

Travel has always been regarded as an excellent way to learn about the world. Learning by experiencing different ways of life, interacting with other cultures and pushing boundaries helps to shape students into exceptional global citizens and future leaders.

At Lakefield College School, we are committed to creating independent thinkers who will carry their knowledge and life experiences with them throughout the rest of their lives and careers. One of the ways we do this is by offering plenty of opportunities for students to take part in expeditions, volunteer projects and international exchanges.

Are you curious to learn about enriching travel opportunities that await your child at boarding school? Read on to discover three global learning initiatives offered by Lakefield College School.

1. Day and Boarding School Students Can Participate in Exciting Expeditions

Lakefield is committed to sharing the value and benefit of outdoor learning. As an independent high school, we are able to offer unique facilities and programs to our day and boarding students. Our beautiful natural campus is located on lake Katchewanooka surrounded by trees, sports fields, Nordic skiing trails and an abundance of outdoor spaces for our students to enjoy. To further their opportunities for outdoor learning, Lakefield students may also participate in expeditions to remote locations in Canada and around the world.

Our students have had the chance to trek through some of Canada’s most remote and unique climates, learning to appreciate our country’s beautiful and diverse landscape. Amongst our international adventures, Lakefield students have had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and go rafting in Nepal. Exposure to new cultures and the challenge of a new adventure broadens our students’ minds, expands on their experiences and helps to develop their world view.

2. Day and Boarding School Students Can Participate in our Exchange Program

As a member of Round Square, a global association of schools committed to helping students develop academic excellence and personal responsibility, Lakefield offers exchange programs for students to experience life at another school in a country like Spain, France, Scotland, South Africa and beyond. Grade 9 students with solid academic standing have the opportunity to apply to participate in the program.

For LCS students, this can be a truly rewarding experience. As Keely Matsusaki explains, her time studying abroad created memories that she will never forget: “Thank you for my BSF’s (Best Scottish Friends) for truly making my exchange one of the most amazing things that has happened in my life. As time continues on I will never be able to forget my time in the UK.”

3. Day and Boarding School Students Can Participate in Service Projects

Meaningful experiences where students can truly make a difference in the lives of others are an extremely important aspect of learning. Our International Programs office offers a range of exciting international opportunities for both boarding and day students to experience.

Every year during the March break, there are three different service projects students can complete, which take place around the world. In the past, students have visited Peru, China and Thailand, just to name a few. This year, our students have the option of travelling to Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos, or Tanzania to participate in local community service initiatives.

Lakefield College School students in Costa Rica in March 2016
Lakefield College School students in Costa Rica in March 2016

In addition to our March break service trips, students are encouraged to take part in Round Square International Service (RSIS) projects. Students have the chance to travel to destinations like Nepal, Honduras and Kenya for three weeks to work with local communities. They help to dig wells, build schools and other projects to bring much-needed necessities to local people. These activities help students push themselves out of their comfort zones, develop a global perspective and make a meaningful and positive difference in the world.

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