Building an Accessible Pathway to Lakefield College School

LCS has long been a school that is dedicated to placing community first. In an ongoing effort to continually promote diversity in all aspects, from geographic and socioeconomic to ethnic and cultural, the school remains committed to partnering with families, regardless of individual financial circumstances. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding to be a member of a community that prioritizes both belonging and community and works to remove financial barriers that may otherwise prevent a family from exploring the school.” 
– Assistant Head: Enrolment David Darby

With roughly 400 students joining us from over 45 countries and seven provinces, we believe young people learn and mature best when they are encouraged to embrace their individuality within a richly diverse and supportive community. We welcome students and staff of all cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities, religions, and sexual orientations, and believe that our community is strengthened by this diversity of perspectives.

With this belief comes a commitment to learning from each other and leaning into difficult discussions in order to grow our understanding. We strive to ensure that every member of our community feels a strong sense of confidence and belonging, reflective of who they are and that they leave LCS with an understanding of how they can contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way.

In Spring 2021, LCS launched the Tuition and Affordability Task Force to recommend strategies aimed at making LCS more financially accessible to talented applicants from diverse backgrounds. LCS currently awards a total of $2.3M in tuition assistance to roughly one in three students. More recently, LCS has begun to partner with local organizations to identify promising students from underrepresented communities who would be interested in studying at the school.

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion provides an opportunity to further increase the breadth and depths of student perspectives within the community, which enriches the LCS experience for everyone.

“Increasing access to independent education by continuing to remove potential barriers of affordability positively impacts the entire community. In order to inspire students to care, connect and contribute to the world around them, it’s important to be exposed to, seek out, learn from and alongside a community with a variety of perspectives and world experiences.”
– Assistant Head: Enrolment David Darby