Everything You Need to Know About Sports at LCS

Want to learn more about sports at LCS? Athletics Director, Mr. Adam Ross answers some of our most frequently asked questions below!

How is the athletics program structured at LCS?

LCS is proud to offer 46 co-curricular athletic programs, which is one of the largest breadths of co-curricular offerings in Canada. Thirty-three of these programs are competitive teams that compete in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA). To reap the many social, physical, and mental health benefits of engaging in physical activity, each student is required to participate in co-curriculars at least four days per week and at least one athletic co-curricular throughout the year, although many of our students choose to do more. It’s not uncommon to find a student who balances a diverse blend of activities, like Dance, Soccer, and Team Sailing.

What organizations and organizing bodies is LCS affiliated with and what does this mean?

As an independent school, we are lucky to have the ability to make our own decision about sport offerings, exposing our students to a range of programs. To ensure that they can participate at the competitive level, we look to our governing athletic bodies, CISAA and OFSAA for guidance (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations). The CISAA and OFSAA are quality organizations that ensure equity and fairness in sport. Being a member of these organizations means we follow eligibility criteria, policies, and guidelines that make sport more accessible. One of the newer policies released by OFSAA, for example, is their gender equity policy. This document provides guidelines to ensure that girls have the option to play on a team that might best support their skill level and individual goals. We are happy to see new changes being made in the world of sport and will continue to align with these organizations’ practices and standards.

What are some recent highlights of athletics at LCS?

We were so pleased to continue offering many of our sports and athletic fixtures at LCS during the pandemic. Our students safely enjoyed participating in both in-person and virtual programs at a time when many other schools didn’t allow the same opportunities. LCS emerged as a leader in sport by hosting OFSAA Cross Country Running Championships in November 2021 and we look forward to hosting the OFSAA Nordic Skiing Championships and an Ontario Cup Nordic race this winter!

We are also proud of the high level of achievement of many of our teams last year including CISAA Championships in Boys’ Volleyball, Junior Boys’ Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Junior and Senior Girls’ Soccer and Girls’ Rugby. Our student-athletes dedicate themselves to their sports and we’re always glad to see their hard work and dedication come to fruition.

What does the future of sports look like at LCS?

The future of athletics is bright at LCS. With a growing student population, we are excited to continue expanding our programming as we look into new athletic teams. Just this fall, we introduced a Girls’ Flag Football team and we hope to add even more programs as the year unfolds. Our teams have also become more competitive and we look forward to jam-packed sporting seasons in the 2022/23 school year.