Lora’s LCS Experience | #WeAreLakefield

This interview is part of a series, called “We Are Lakefield” — inspired by a phrase you’ll often hear our students and Head of School (Ms. Kee) say with pride (followed by “We got this.”) when community spirit and strength are needed to power through a uniquely challenging time, event, or activity. In this series, you’ll hear personal reflections from our students that provide valuable insight into what it means to be a part of the LCS community. 

This week, we spoke with one of our Grade 9 Grade Representatives, Lora ’26 to learn more about her experience at Lakefield College School. In this article, Lora speaks about adjusting to the academic rigours, participating in a variety of extracurricular activities, and building meaningful connections with her peers and mentors at Lakefield College School.

Discovering LCS

“When I was younger and starting to think about high school, my parents told me about Lakefield College School. I didn’t know much about LCS but the more I learned, the more I realized what an amazing and unique place this was. When I came to campus the first time, for my interview, I was amazed at how big and green the campus is and how nice and welcoming everyone was.”


Adjusting to Academics and Time Management at LCS 

“It was a big jump going from elementary school in rural Ontario to LCS. Adjusting to the academics was manageable, but learning to manage my time was the hardest change to balance and adjust to. Days at Lakefield are full of activities, and we keep a busy schedule; adjusting to the long days took me a little while.” 

Finding a Crew to Cheer You On

“The people at LCS are incredible. They are so supportive and you always feel like there is someone in your corner cheering you on. For me, that person is my Head of House, Val, and my Advisor, AJ. The teachers are also asking how you’re doing and making sure you are okay. You can also always seek extra help outside of class. Students are very kind and fun to be around. I have met an amazing group of friends this year who have made my first year so much more incredible than I could have ever imagined.”

Pushing Boundaries: Trying New Sports and Activities 

“I love sports and trying new things so this year I pushed myself to try new sports that I usually wouldn’t have done. In the fall, I was on the Cross Country running team. This was challenging mainly mentally because I was the only Grade 9 girl on the team. Don’t get me wrong, it was challenging physically but running the races alone with no one to be there with me made it so much more difficult.”

“Then during the winter, I joined the Nordic Skiing team, which was a lot easier because I had more people in the Junior Girls’ category. I even qualified for OFSAA, which was hosted at LCS. Now, this past spring, I was in the Learn to Sail program with some of my friends. It was scary because I had never sailed before and didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out great and I really enjoyed it. The programs at LCS really add to the experience. Not just the sports but also the other activities, such as the spirit events and the art programs. I am also in the Rock Choir and the String Ensemble and enjoy both a lot.”

Setting the Stage for Future Success: Academic Preparation and Personal Growth

“I would like to go on to be a doctor, I am not sure what type yet, but definitely something in the medical field. I think that the academics and the study habits that I have learned will definitely set me up for an amazing post-secondary experience. I have also learned a lot about leadership and how to work as a team in my short time at LCS. I also have learned the importance of staying organized because you can sometimes get lost in the work, but if you stay on top of it, you can do just fine. It was a big jump going from elementary school to high school, but because you have so much support at LCS, it is way easier to adapt.”


“I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested. This is an amazing place and there is something for everyone. They have sports, arts, academics, and amazing, and caring people. You will feel welcomed and supported. You will find something that will interest you and you will meet some incredible people from all over the world. It is a special place that feels like a real community.”