Canadian Boarding School is worth the extra travel time

I get it. Canada is a long way from some parts of the world. This latest recruitment trip I have been on 13 flights spending over sixty-one hours in the air and covering over 25,000 miles visiting countries we have students from or would like to. I really get it. People often ask how I can travel so much and over such great distances? The answer is that the reward is always worth the effort. This holds true for families considering boarding school. Canada is worth the effort. For a prospective student, studying in Canada is rarely an extra flight compared to what they would have to take to get to a boarding school in the US, UK or Switzerland. Once on the flight it might be two or three movies more, or if they are anything like my kids, they might sleep the whole way. But once they arrive,…

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Boarding school is a privilege, not just for the privileged.

By definition, I suppose I grew up privileged. Sitting in Manila, a little closer than most to the recent devastation of Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as it is called here, I cannot help but reflect on the many blessings I have enjoyed in my lifetime. Manila was spared so today it is mostly life as usual, not so obviously for the hundreds of thousands left homeless and the thousands dead to the Southeast here in the Philippines. As we see the photos and read the newspaper accounts it is heartbreaking. We are very fortunate living in Canada. Next to my family, one of the blessings I am counting was the opportunity to attend a boarding school from Grade 9 to 13 (yes, prior to 2001 Ontario had a 13 year system instead of 12). I had attended camp every summer from the time I was eight so I jumped at…

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Sunshine State of Mind

I travel for real a great deal for work purposes therefore I am rarely at liberty to sightsee. It is moments like these imagined ones that have kept me on the road for sixteen years. Those brief moments when you can catch your breath and soak in the culture, architecture and for me, the people of a town square, courtyard or café. Many of the opportunities have come thanks to agents, alumni or current parents who have taken me off the beaten path. To them I am most grateful. I am looking forward to this young writer's novel being published.

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