3 Exciting Initiatives Our Day and Boarding School Students Have Participated in So Far in 2017

Our day and boarding school students love to give back

So far, 2017 has been an exciting year for students at Lakefield College School. Our students have ventured around the globe and back, enjoying amazing experiences and helping those in need. Even closer to home, Lakefield College School students have been participating in challenging new projects, taking on exciting responsibilities and making a difference. While each of these initiatives comes with its own rewards and challenges, each one helps our students grow as compassionate, understanding and well-rounded leaders. The experiences and lessons our students learn while giving back are ones that they will cherish for years to come.

Read on to learn more about what our students have been up to so far this year.

1. Our Day and Boarding School Students Ventured Off to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador and its province of Galapagos are two inspiring destinations. Earlier this year, a group of Lakefield College School students embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to explore these areas and give back to the local communities. Our students learned firsthand how the local people live off the land. Students participated in community projects where they helped plant trees, garden and reinstate an irrigation system. During the latter half of the trip in the Galapagos, students engaged in a variety of environmental projects like helping to eradicate invasive species, assisting with organic farming processes and tagging tortoises for research.

Students Sabrina Parent and Tori Quick noted that, “This was a wonderful trip for everyone involved. It was an amazing learning experience which changed our perspective on many things and allowed us to grow as individuals.” It’s because of opportunities like these, which nurture positive attitudes toward global citizenship and students’ ability to rise to the challenge, that we believe independent schools like LCS offer some of the best boarding school opportunities in Canada.

Lakefield College School students gardened and gave back to local communities in Ecuador.
Lakefield College School students gardened and gave back to local communities in Ecuador.

2. Our Day and Boarding School Students Helped Build a Home and Teach in Tanzania

On the other side of the globe, another group of students from Lakefield College School arrived in Tanzania to participate in a build project and learn how local communities and the lives of school children may be enriched.

Lakefield College School students helped build a local school teacher a home in Tanzania.
Lakefield College School students helped build a local school teacher a home in Tanzania.

Students gave back by helping build a home for a local school teacher. While carrying loads of brick and cement mix, the students experienced firsthand the challenges associated with hauling heavy supplies in the heat of Africa, giving them a heightened understanding and appreciation for the hard work needed to make a difference in small, remote villages. In addition to building a house, Lakefield College School students worked directly with local school children in the classroom, teaching fun lessons about English, math and more!

3. Students Created and Performed Plays for Local Kindergarten Students

Giving back doesn’t always have to be on a global scale. In fact, our Grade 12 drama students gave back to the local community by developing three fun plays for local junior and senior kindergarten students.

Not only did our students perform, block and oversee the costumes and props for their plays, but they also adapted several children’s stories for the stage. To prepare for these challenging but rewarding tasks, LCS students took part in a theatre creation workshop. After six weeks of hard work and rehearsals, the students performed their plays to a group of excited kindergarten students. All three wonderful plays, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and A Gold Star for Zog, were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Grade 12 students performed plays for local kindergarteners
Grade 12 students performed plays for local kindergarteners

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