A Wonderful Winter Wonderland: Our Beautiful Natural Campus Creates a Great Learning Environment for Day and Boarding Students

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For some, the cold of wintertime can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. At Lakefield College School, we have a different attitude about winter. Here, the winter season provides an opportunity for our day and boarding students to explore our beautiful campus in a whole new way.

Transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland, the campus is full of exciting possibility, offering ample opportunity for our students to get out, get active, and try new things all winter long.

Sound enticing? Take a closer look at some of the beauty to be found at Lakefield College School in the wintertime.

In Winter, Students Can Explore Off the Beaten Path

At LCS, when snow covers our campus grounds, it’s a sign that it’s time for us to break out the snowshoes and cross-country skis and get to exploring. With 315 acres of beautiful grounds, there is plenty to see during a winter adventure through the snow.

Students can try lakeside Nordic skiing, or go on treks through our forests and fields and build snow quinzees. Those who are determined to have a good time throughout the winter can enjoy themselves to their heart’s content all around our stunning campus. Our Outdoor Education classes teach students valuable skills surrounding winter activities, helping them to enjoy themselves all the more when the temperature drops and the snow falls. Whether learning no-trace winter camping or simply taking in a breathtaking view during some well-deserved downtime, there’s no shortage of outdoor fun to be had at Lakefield College School during the winter.

Students are encouraged to explore the beautiful wintertime sights of our campus
Students are encouraged to explore the beautiful wintertime sights of our campus

Quiet Moments and Fast-Paced Action Both Have a Home for Day and Boarding Students alike

Having so much space allows us to do fun things in the wintertime. One of those is an outdoor skating rink for our students and staff to enjoy. From quiet loops around the rink with friends to exciting contests between teams out for an afternoon of shinny or hockey, our rink makes it possible for many great outdoor memories to be created during the winter months.

Our ice rink is a perfect place for students to make winter memories
Our ice rink is a perfect place for students to make winter memories

Our International Student Body Brings Special Wonder to our Winters

More and more international students are choosing to come to Lakefield College School, seeking out a top-quality education at a boarding school in Canada. Winter becomes a wonderful community-building moment at Lakefield College School, as students get to share their experiences with new friends. It’s a time for students to share favourite seasonal foods, activities, and memories. For all, the season delivers a wonderful opportunity to foster new connections that will last a lifetime.

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