How Students Can Bolster Their University Application During Summer Break from Day and Boarding School

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Students at day and boarding schools work diligently throughout the academic school year. Students can be found participating in enrichment clubs and cocurricular activities, playing on sports teams, studying hard for their classes, participating in community outreach activities and socializing with friends. The summer months are the perfect time for some well-deserved relaxation! Even while enjoying the summer months, however, there are still plenty of interesting activities that can help your child grow as an individual and bolster their university application.

Here’s a closer look at how several common summer activities can help your child stand out when applying to university.

Day and Boarding School Students can Improve their University Application by Volunteering

During the school year, students at Lakefield College School can be seen volunteering in the community and even around the world. Volunteering makes an excellent addition to any university or college application, and can also make for a fun summer project. Not only does it demonstrate a willingness to help others, it also shows university admissions officers where a student’s passions lie. For example, your child could volunteer for a local film festival, help at a nearby animal hospital or help raise awareness about a cause they care about deeply—whatever activity best aligns with their passions.

Committing to a long-term volunteering project helps demonstrate a student’s commitment and work ethic. In addition, volunteering for an extended amount of time helps students build strong relationships with other professionals or volunteers, which can help them gain useful know-how as well as build up their network, helping them make a smooth transition into university life.

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Lakefield College School students volunteering at The Mount Community Centre

A Summer Job is an Excellent Way for Boarding and Day Students to Improve their Application

A summer job is a great way for students to gain experience in the real world, and there are usually a number of opportunities and jobs available for students during the summer months. It’s best for students to choose work based on where their interests lie. For example, if your child is interested in becoming an entrepreneur and wants to attend business school, starting a lawn mowing, babysitting, or cleaning business could add depth to their university application.

Starting a New Hobby is an Excellent Addition to a Student’s University Application

Hobbies such as playing a musical instrument, participating on a sports team, designing websites or creating beautiful works of art require discipline, focus and skill. While at first glance it may seem like hobbies don’t carry much weight on a university application, they can help students explore their interests and stand out as well-rounded candidates.

Hobbies demonstrate a student’s flexibility, dedication and openness to new experiences, as well as their ability to push themselves out of their comfort zone. The summer months are the perfect time for students on break to explore new hobbies, expand their interests and horizons and develop new talents to share with their classmates when they return to boarding school in the fall.

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Hobbies like playing a musical instrument are a great way to improve a university application

Travelling is a Good Way for Students to Bolster their University Applications

For students on summer break, travelling can be a transformative experience. Discovering new cultures and experiencing different ways of life expands a student’s worldview. This global perspective is very appealing to university admissions teams, which is why travelling makes a great addition to any university application.

Day and boarding schools in Canada offer plenty of opportunities and programs designed specifically for students to travel to new countries during holiday breaks and the summer months in addition to opportunities to travel during the school year. Lakefield College School offers several enriching global learning opportunities including student exchanges, expeditions and international service projects, which your child can partake in.

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