Optimizing our Educational Environment by Prioritizing Community and The Development of the Whole Child

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“The landscape of education is really changing right now. When I think about all the opportunities that schools are considering in terms of global citizenship, diversity, character education, leadership development, critical thinking, creativity, innovation; there is a laundry list of choices that schools have to figure out. How are they going to prioritize? …Two priorities really come to mind for me in terms of Lakefield—community and the development of the whole child.” —ANNE-MARIE KEE, LCS Head of School and Foundation

Incoming Head of School and Foundation Anne-Marie Kee reflects on the future of independent school education, highlighting the strengths that lie at the core of our school community.

In the video below, Anne Marie shares ideas relating to Lakefield College School, the issues teenagers face and the value of having strong connections as a community.

Below, Anne-Marie speaks to the development of character, morals and values and what it means to educate the “whole child”—elements that are part of the DNA of Lakefield.

Anne-Marie Kee is the 12th Head of School to join our community in Lakefield College School’s 138-year history. Anne-Marie is also the only female Head of a co-ed boarding school in Canada.