Griffin’s LCS Experience | #WeAreLakefield

Griffin ’23 (second from left) with his fellow Grade 11 Grade Representatives

This interview is part of a series, called “We Are Lakefield” — inspired by a phrase you’ll often hear our students and Head of School (Ms. Kee) say with pride (followed by “We got this.”) when community spirit and strength are employed to power through a uniquely challenging time, event, or activity. In this series, you’ll hear personal reflections from our students that provide valuable insight into what it means to be a part of the LCS community.

This week, we spoke with one of our Grade 11 Grade Representatives, Griffin ’23 to learn more about his experience at Lakefield College School. In this article, Griffin speaks about his connection to LCS, how he adjusted to life as a boarding student, his perspective on ‘the Lakefield Difference’ and more!

Griffin ’23 (top row, third from right) with the Sr. Boys’ Volleyball team after being crowned the CISSA Champions!

Family History at LCS

“I first learned about LCS from my mother. She is a part of the class of ’99. Although she attended, I didn’t know much about the school until maybe Grade 7 or 8 when she asked if I would be interested in a boarding school. My first impressions of the school were nothing but good. Before attending LCS in my Grade 9 year, I was able to watch the school’s musical theatre performance of Mama Mia and was there on Regatta Day. Lakefield College School didn’t even seem like a school to me. It seemed as though people had fun whilst learning.” 

Adjusting to Life at The Grove

“The transition to LCS was very easy for me. What helped the most was the Grade 12 students, especially in my house. They made me feel welcomed and a part of the school community on the first day. The first week at Lakefield is really meant to be a transition period. Only new students and Grade 12s are there, which makes it really simple. Everything is low pressure because almost half the students are not yet on campus.”

A Community of Support

“The people at LCS are what makes the school what it is. The teachers genuinely care about their jobs and the students they teach. There are always extra help opportunities and there is always a solid support system. The Heads of House, Advisors, and faculty are additional groups of people that can help outside of academics as well. They are there to help guide you on the right path while being there for you if/when you need it. There are many other staff that work at LCS like the Dining Hall staff and the custodians who are without a doubt some of the nicest people you will meet.”

Griffin ’23 on the Grade 11/12 Outdoor Education winter camping experience.

Beyond the Classroom 

“Before coming to LCS, I was very heavily involved in team sports. As a kid, I played hockey, basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer. LCS gives you the opportunity to join such a vast range of competitive and non-competitive sports so there is something for all skill levels. Playing on a competitive team sport has taught me a lot. From discipline and self-regulation to teamwork and collaboration. Many of the things I learn while playing sports are skills that are transferable outside the court. I was also a part of the Dance Company in my Grade 9 year and have joined clubs such as Improv, TALK, and Business Club. The Dance program here at LCS is unreal; you really feel like you are a part of something. A lot of the community watches their performances and it was overall such a fun experience.”

“At other schools, joining clubs and being a part of school activities sometimes isn’t seen as ‘cool’ whereas here at Lakefield, it is quite the contrary. Joining different clubs and teams is highly encouraged as it’s a great way to be more involved in the community.”

Griffin ’23 on the volleyball court.

Looking Ahead to Life After The Grove

“After LCS, I hope to go into a commerce/business program in university. Although I am only in Grade 11, I would say I feel prepared for post-secondary education. LCS has helped me build my independence and has given me opportunities to demonstrate and nurture my leadership skills.” 


“To anyone thinking about attending LCS, take the jump, it is so worth it. For some people, adjusting to a school that may be in a different country or just different from your previous school is difficult. The Lakefield community, however, is truly incredible. It is easy to say that we have some of the best teachers in the world, incredible programs, clubs and extracurricular activities. During the first COVID shutdown, I was in my ninth-grade year. I knew how great LCS was but I think I took the school for granted. When we were sent home, all the students realised the opportunities and the fun they had on campus. Here at LCS, we call it the ‘Lakefield difference’. This school has something for everyone… It caters to a variety of different interests, cultures and is an overall inclusive school.”