Gabi’s LCS Experience | #WeAreLakefield

This interview is part of a series, called “We Are Lakefield” — inspired by a phrase you’ll often hear our students and Head of School (Ms. Kee) say with pride (followed by “We got this.”) when community spirit and strength are employed to power through a uniquely challenging time, event, or activity. In this series, you’ll hear personal reflections from our students that provide valuable insight into what it means to be a part of the LCS community.

This week, we spoke with one of our Grade 10 Grade Representatives, Gabi ’24 to learn more about her experience at Lakefield College School. In this article, Gabi speaks about her journey to LCS, how she immersed herself in the LCS community, her tips for Grade 9 students, and more!

From Scotland to Newfoundland to Lakefield

“I first learned about LCS when my family started researching schools for my brother after we moved from Scotland to Newfoundland. I wasn’t eligible yet as I was only in Grade 8, but after seeing him love his first year, I decided to attend in Grade 9! To be honest, it was super scary being away from home at first, but once I found my feet, I got swept up in everything the school offered and haven’t looked back since!”

Adjusting to Life at The Grove

“The adjustment process was both slow and fast—it kind of fluctuated. I threw myself into campus life during Grade 9 and I was able to experience so much. There obviously were, and occasionally still are, times that I miss home. But Lakefield has so many unique qualities that I’d never be able to experience living at home, such as the spirit events or getting to live with an amazing group of girls. Even though it was hard at the beginning, the support is like no other. The staff are all so easy to talk to, especially my Advisor, Don, and Head of House.”

Gabi ’24 at an Intersession Day with her peers.

Becoming a Part of the LCS Community

“Everyone at LCS is very down to earth. The staff are super considerate and work really hard to ensure the students are feeling good about school life and academics, Grove Time being a prime example of this. The students are a close community. I’ve never gone to school where everyone says ‘hi’ in the halls, or where there’s always someone to talk to in the library. It’s so easy to belong at Lakefield.”  

Beyond the Classroom

“I joined field hockey straight away in Grade 9 as a fall co-curricular and I have absolutely loved it ever since. We weren’t able to play competitively last year but this year I got to play all over— even a few games at a stadium in Toronto—we ordered so much pizza at the end to celebrate! I also participated in the Gender task force this year. I think it’s wonderful how much the school values the students’ opinions and we were able to do important work within LCS.”

Gabi ’24 playing Field Hockey in Fall 2021.

The LCS Difference

“I’m so grateful for the people here. The devotion to each other is what makes us. It’s the compassion given to those struggling. It’s the hard work that Grads put in so we all have the time of our lives doing fun events on a Friday night (broomball is a personal favourite) and the laughs after someone gets stacked in the dining hall (when a pile of people’s empty glasses are put in theirs).”


“I would tell anyone who is thinking about attending LCS that while it may seem intimidating, it’s an incredible opportunity. Choosing a new path is hard, but so fulfilling. Lakefield will take you on a journey nowhere else can; I promise you’ll love the views on the way, and the end destination.”

Gabi’s Tips for Grade 9 Students

“Talk to people! Socialise! Grade 9 is great because of the foundation it builds for your remaining years (not to say the other three aren’t also great for meeting people!) but the workload is still pretty light, and everything is new, so experiences are extra special. Get close with your Grads and students in older grades, they are excellent mentors and friends. Lastly, focus on your life here, really enjoy it, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!”