3 Reasons Why Top Day and Boarding Schools Encourage Lifelong Learning

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Check in with the top performers of just about any industry or area of academic pursuit and they’ll likely claim that a key to their success is a devotion to lifelong learning. Shifting economies, growing bodies of knowledge and the arrival of powerful new technologies all necessitate that the students and professionals of tomorrow be adaptable.

Today’s top day and boarding schools recognize this need for lifelong learning, and encourage the growth of key skillsets and characteristics within their curriculum. Below are some of the reasons why lifelong learning is so important.

Top Day and Boarding Schools Understand Curiosity is key to Innovation

Success is driven by hard work, determination and, often, great new ideas. To innovate well requires more than just luck and enthusiasm, though. Students with broad bases of knowledge can make conceptual connections that others don’t see, coming up with great new ideas that take the world by storm. To help our students become the leaders of tomorrow, we start by encouraging them to always explore the world around them, and acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible.

One of the ways our day and boarding school accomplishes this is by offering co-curricular activities aimed at helping students engage in the exploration of topics or areas that interest them. At Lakefield College School, we pride ourselves on offering a number of exciting clubs and co-curricular activities aimed at teaching everything from entrepreneurship to technology to the arts. By encouraging our students to delve into the topics that fascinate them the most, we hope to help them achieve a broad base of knowledge upon which they can draw from. More important, we hope that these opportunities will instil in them a thirst to uncover new possibilities.

Lifelong Learning is a Necessary Skill for the Professionals of Tomorrow

The benefits of lifelong learning extend far beyond generating breakthrough new ideas. Even on a more day-to-day basis, lifelong learning can have a drastic impact on career success. In fact, according to recent statistics, “55% of full- or part-time workers say they participated in work or career learning to maintain or improve their job skills.” In addition, 24% of full- and part-time workers said they pursued additional training to secure a promotion or raise, while another 13% did so to access a new job. With the advent of automation, AI and other technologies, lifelong learners who continue to seek out new knowledge, complete new training and develop new skills will be those most sought after.

This new reality means that today’s universities and employers are looking for individuals who wish to grow and evolve throughout their working lives. Top independent schools for boarding, like Lakefield College School, work hard to prepare students by creating an environment which instils a love of learning. Whether encouraging them to experiment with our 3D printers or to tap into their creativity through drama and dance, we help our students realise the value and joy that comes with continued learning.

Lifelong Learning Promotes Greater Well-being

Even more important, lifelong learning is associated with a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Everything from improved confidence to greater physical and mental health have been linked to lifelong learning.

The effects of lifelong learning also extend far beyond a person’s individual benefit. For example, Statistics Canada noted that lifelong learning and higher levels of education are “strongly linked to safer communities, a healthy citizenry, a sustainable environment, higher levels of volunteerism and charitable giving, a greater appreciation of diversity and stronger social cohesion.”

This coincides with our core values at Lakefield College School. Education of the Whole Person; Trust; Healthy, Caring Community; Individuality; Learning; Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship are the core values informing our community and academic program. Through this lens, we work to encourage our students to tap into their individual talents for their own fulfillment, as well as for the betterment of our community both on a local and global level.

Lifelong learning promotes lasting well-being
Lifelong learning promotes lasting well-being

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