Max ’23’s Story: What it means to be part of the LCS Community

At Lakefield College School, we celebrate the diverse talents and journeys of our students. Today, we introduce you to Max Wenborne ’23, a remarkable individual whose artistic talents and unwavering dedication earned him the prestigious Peter Dalglish Art Award in 2023.

In an inspiring video, Max shares his experience at LCS, shedding light on the core values that define our community and the themes that inspired his artwork. For Max, being part of LCS is about belonging to a supportive environment that nurtures personal growth.

One of the defining aspects Max highlights is his experience with acceptance and opportunity. At LCS, students are encouraged to challenge themselves, not just academically, but socially, creatively, athletically, and in every facet of their lives. Max emphasizes the importance of finding balance between academic pursuits and creative endeavours, a sentiment ingrained in our school’s ethos.

“What’s so special about this community, what I realized and really appreciate about this school is that we’re given opportunities not to be perfect but to feel accepted and challenged in what we do. As a student who continuously looks for more challenges, I take every opportunity available to improve, even if it makes me step out of my comfort zone. LCS does not look for flawless students but for us to do the best we can. In order to succeed, we need a balance of everything.”

“It’s a good thing to feel uncomfortable; this means we are only pushing ourselves further; not holding ourselves back in a comfortable position,” Max expresses. This sentiment echoes throughout our campus, as students are continually encouraged to explore new activities, take risks, and expand their horizons. Max’s journey is a testament to this philosophy—he credits the supportive environment at LCS for enabling him to delve into various interests, fostering leadership skills he didn’t know he possessed.

Max’s reflections remind us of the transformative power of community support.

Lakefield College School takes immense pride in providing an environment that fosters not just academic excellence, but also personal development and self-discovery. Max’s journey is a wonderful example of the LCS experience—one that champions individuality, encourages exploration, and celebrates the joy of learning.

Stay tuned for more stories of inspiration from our remarkable LCS community.