Myers’ LCS Experience | #WeAreLakefield

This interview is part of a series, called “We Are Lakefield” — inspired by a phrase you’ll often hear our students and Head of School (Ms. Kee) say with pride (followed by “We got this.”) when community spirit and strength are needed to power through a uniquely challenging time, event, or activity. In this series, you’ll hear personal reflections from our students that provide valuable insight into what it means to be a part of the LCS community.

This week, we spoke with one of our Grade 9 Grade Representatives, Myers ’26 to learn more about his experience at Lakefield College School. In this article, Myers speaks about our diverse co-curricular activities, the strong sense of community on campus, how he’s grown both personally and academically, and more!

A Family Tradition: Discovering LCS

“I first learned about LCS through my mother and brother. My mom graduated from LCS in 1999, and my older brother is part of this year’s class of 2023. Although they were both part of The Grove before I arrived, I didn’t truly learn about it until 7th Grade at the school’s Grove Prep program. This was a week-long camp that introduced possible future students to the campus through many activities. This showed me that this is the place I wanted to spend my high school years because of the beautiful campus, personable teachers, and friendly atmosphere.”

Myers '26 (center), Winter Co-Curricular Awards 2023

Finding My Place at LCS: Adjusting to Life on Campus

“I believe I adjusted well because the campus was already familiar to me. I enjoyed attending events at Lakefield before I was fully part of the community. I remember coming to the “Home to the Grove” reunion in my Grade 8 year and feeling a little bit overwhelmed and unsure. Looking back, however, those experiences are what made my adjustment easier for September of Grade 9. I also credit LCS’ systems of organizations and support that helped me adjust to school and boarding life. Lakefield uses Edsby and Google Calendar to fully communicate everything that is happening and available on campus. This includes daily menus, open gym hours, assigned work, class times, and so much more. I never missed out on an opportunity because of these programs that helped me adjust quickly and stay organized.”

Making Friends from Around the World 

“The people at LCS feel like a real family and are what truly make the “Lakefield Difference”. In a few short months, I have already made friends from many different places across the world such as Germany, Mexico, China, The Caribbean, and many more. It is our different perspectives and experiences that keep classes interesting, co-curricular competitive, and conversations meaningful, and make LCS a true community. To me, the staff are very relatable people who truly seek to get to know me better and bring out my strengths as an individual and contributor to the group. I recognize the effort they put into their job and I’m so grateful for the personable experience they give me.”

Myers '26 (bottom row, second from right) and his volleyball teammates

Exploring the Opportunities at LCS: Academics, Athletics, and Student Life

“Before coming to LCS, athletics is something I often took part in, playing sports such as hockey, football, and soccer. With that being said, I am pleasantly surprised with how competitive the sports teams at LCS have been. I was part of the volleyball team, which was one game away from an undefeated season and finished strong in the playoffs. Our basketball team went undefeated and won our CISAA division. LCS athletics are truly amazing, and I am glad to be part of them. The elected student council here is composed of six grade-level representatives per grade along with the co-head students. Being elected as my grade’s representative has allowed me to participate in decision-making meetings, the planning of spirit events, and public speaking. I’ve enjoyed it a lot as it has helped me immerse myself more into school life at LCS. Academics are equally important to me, and I was pleased to know there were advanced program options. As a Grade 9 student, I was able to enroll in Advanced Grade 10 Math and French. These have enriched my high school learning experience and likely wouldn’t have been an option elsewhere.”

Preparing for Life Beyond LCS

“I am currently interested in a career in Actuarial Science since I have a passion for math, an interest in economics, and good skills in computer science. I have been planning my courses for my high school years to give me the experience and exposure for this career path so I can be the most prepared for this potential career. The variety of courses is well suited to what I want to do later on and the clubs LCS offers will help me have hands-on experience. After LCS, I know I will always prioritize community which I have learnt through LCS’ care, connect, contribute motto. I have used a lot of my free time to volunteer for on-campus community outreach experiences such as Nordic OFSAA and Winter Fun Day for new immigrants. I have enjoyed doing these that LCS has offered me and they have prepared me to have a balanced adult life in the future.”


“For someone considering attending LCS, go for it, because I promise you that you will not regret it. I would recommend you visit the amazing campus and get a feel for it because that is what will differentiate it from other typical schools. If this is not possible for you, definitely read blogs such as this one as well as watch videos on the Lakefield College School page because these all give a good sense of what this school is all about. To date, I have yet to meet a person who wants to leave. I have only met people that wish they could come back for another year including graduates. I feel very fortunate to be here and if you chose to join The Grove, which you definitely should, make the most out of it because LCS is truly like no other.”

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