Louisa ’25’s Nordic Skiing Journey: Finding Joy and Growth at Lakefield College School

At Lakefield College School, we love to showcase the diverse experiences and passions of our students. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Louisa Dalglish ’25, a dedicated Nordic skier whose journey embodies the spirit of our school community.

In this video, Louisa shares her love for Nordic skiing and reflects on the impact it has had on her life during her time at LCS. For Louisa, being part of the LCS community means embracing the outdoors, challenging herself, and finding joy in the company of friends and teammates.

One of the most memorable experiences Louisa recounts is a night skiing adventure with her Nordic team. Illuminated by headlamps, they navigated the trails under the starlit sky, a blend of excitement and fear coursing through them. Despite the challenges, it was a moment of pure magic—a testament to the camaraderie and sense of adventure fostered at LCS.

“My favourite memory during Nordic skiing,” Louisa shares, “was last year when we went night skiing as a team. It was a bit scary, but the stars above us made it unforgettable. It was just so nice to be with my friends, teammates, and coaches, enjoying the outdoors together.”

Louisa’s journey with Nordic skiing is not just about athletic achievement; it’s about personal growth and finding a sense of belonging. She describes how the sport has transformed her, making her feel more positive, active, and connected to the natural world.

“I feel like I just turned into this whole different person with Nordic skiing,” Louisa reflects. “It makes me better, both physically and mentally. The coaches are amazing, and being part of this community has made me more enthusiastic and confident.”

Louisa’s story is a testament to the values upheld at Lakefield College School. Just as Max Wenborne ’23 found his passion and voice through art, Louisa discovered hers on the snowy trails of LCS.

At LCS, we believe in providing opportunities for students to explore their interests, push their boundaries, and discover their true potential. Louisa’s journey exemplifies this ethos, reminding us of the transformative power of embracing new challenges and finding joy in the journey.

Stay tuned for more stories of inspiration from our remarkable LCS community.